Rienk de Vries

Growing up in the wide-open countryside Rienk de Vries (Hallum NL, 1971) developed a strong connection with nature and with questions concerning the origin and brevity of life. In his wonderment he continuously searches for a thread to link the vast with the microscopic.


EM Studio Gallery Amsterdam, group exhibition ‘The land behind the mirror’

1st of February – 4th of February: Haute Photographie Rotterdam

6th of June – 28th of July: Benaki Museum, Athens Photo Books

2nd – 6th of October: Art The Hague

18th – 22nd of September: Haute Photographie Amsterdam

1st – 30th of November: Kunstmaand Ameland


Short Film 'Gravity Fields'

UK Belfast, Photo Festival Winner Photobook

NL The Hague, Group exhibition 'The land behind the mirror' at KV02

FR Arles, Group exhibition Profifoto @Arles – ‘A state of consciousness’

Artdoc magazine online exhibition ‘Enigma of Life’

Haute Photographie Amsterdam


Graduated Fotoacademie Amsterdam

Book ‘Gravity Fields’, self-published, signed and numbered strict edition of 300


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